GBS Enterprises - Deerfield Beach, Florida

GBS Enterprises

Founded in 1986, GBS Enterprises produces and distributes a wide variety of mattress and pillow protection products. It also provides warranty services that range from bed protection programs to in-home technician inspection and repair. In addition to serving individual clients directly, GBS Enterprises supports a commercial contract division that secures partnerships with companies in the health care, hospitality, and pest control industries.

An active member of the Specialty Sleep Products Association and a founding sponsor of Furniture Today’s Home Furnishings International Association Annual Bedding Conference, GBS Enterprises recently revealed its new Top of Bed Line at the 2016 Las Vegas Furniture Summer Market. It also participated in the Las Vegas Furniture Summer Market in January of 2015.

In addition to its company headquarters and call center operations in Deerfield Beach, Florida, GBS maintains a primary production and supply chain facility in Sutton, Nebraska. The company also supports a secondary fulfillment center in Georgia and a satellite office in Texas.